I’ve been asked to speak on a podcast series on self-acceptance and related topics. Here is some info. It’s free, just signup here

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself?  Do you want to feel less stressed and more present in your daily life?  Do you want more confidence as you walk through the ebbs and flows of your daily routine?  It is time for you to take responsibility for your life and realize your life is a product of your choices and the environment around you.   Sometimes you need to distance ourselves and create time alone, just so you can connect with who you truly are and what you want out of life. 


This Valentine’s Day Love Yourself to the Core.  Give yourself permission to pause for 20 minutes with Kimberly Joyce, on Take a Journey Within:  Confidently Step Into Whom You Are Meant to Be Through Self Awareness, Self Acceptance and Self-Love. This 21-day empowering educational series is a catalyst for opening you to all the possibilities life has to offer you.  She has brought together 21 inspiring Influencers who will share 21 different perspectives, resources, tools and strategies to facilitate a positive personal transformation to build self-confidence, personal transformation, and strategies to create more inner wisdom, clarity, and self-love.

One question rocked Kimberly to the core and shifted the direction of her life.  Her family therapist asked, “What do you need at this moment to be happy? To feel more peace?”   Paralyzed by fear, she was stuck living a life filled with depression, suppression, a life without purpose and deep connection until that question rocked her back inside herself.  It has been an arduous journey shifting her mindset, unveiling her life path, embracing her dark side, facing fear and enduring transition. Her inner transformational journey has taken her to depths of darkness, joys and everything in between. Her sense of knowing and self-acceptance is what she needed to eventually shift out of old patterns into healthier and happier ways of living in her body.  Self Awareness, self-regulation, and mindfulness gave her an opportunity to reconnect with her mind and body to observe perceptions, sensations, feelings, thoughts, and emotions to create more meaning in her life. She realizes it is essential to practice the skills and techniques to facilitate embodiment, improve emotional regulation, promote healthy behaviors and self-love through her daily routine.

Do you go back to that same life hoping for change?  Or do you decide to take the other path and create change?  And even if you want to create that change how do you overcome fear?

This FREE event is an empowering-educational series to take you on a self-exploration journey to discover yourself within to confidently step into whom you are meant to be.  It is a catalyst for positive change.

The aim of the interviews is to give you nuggets of wisdom, knowledge, and tools to help you take the right ACTION to shift your mindset to acquire the inner wisdom needed to gain more clarity, inner knowing, confidence to design a healthy self-love daily routine to create a more fulling life.

The 21-day summit will explore self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love:

  • Let Science and Ancient Wisdom expand your awareness by opening your mind to Ayurveda, Pragmatic Psychology,  Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, the Mammalian brain and more…
  • Learn how your beliefs impact your life
  • Journey through self-acceptance and the importance of self-forgiveness & self-compassion 
  • Become more courageous and confident by shifting your mindset and beliefs
  • Begin the process of rewiring your brain by changing negative patterns to create healthy habits
  • Why is “the pause” important…? 
  • Learn about  innovative practical science-based tools and training programs you can quickly implement to turn obstacles into opportunities

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