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How Does a Narcissistic Sibling Affect the Personality of a Brother or Sister?

It is so very sad that the wounded and traumatized narcissistic child inadvertently harms and traumatizes his or her siblings. We can be understanding that they do this in an attempt to get their own emotional needs met, but, as all narcs do, they sow emotional destruction in the relationships around them. It is sad, too, that the victims are left without the close, loving, supportive relationship of a brother or sister — a deep, relational trauma and loss that can affect their sense of self and safety in relationships throughout their life. 

How to Break Free From a Narcissist and Set Emotional Boundaries

Learn how to break free from a narcissist and set emotional boundaries by first recognizing their insecurities and fear of shame. Gain power in toxic relationships by understanding the narcissistic wound.

Facts on Psychiatric Drugs

Psychiatrists have tried for decades to find a biological cause for human behavior, such as a deficiency in serotonin that supposedly causes depression or...