Mindful Self-Compassion Classes

Is your inner critic working overtime? Are you a people-pleaser who is exhausted being kind to others… but you aren’t very kind to yourself? Do you often struggle with low self-worth? Do you have social anxiety because you worry a lot about what others think of you?

It is natural as humans to care what others think, but when we become overly worried about approval and fearful of disapproval, it can lead to anxiety and depression.

Harper West occasionally holds 8-week group classes on Mindful Self-Compassion in Oakland County, Michigan.

This group class will teach you how to use meditation and mindfulness exercises to:

  • get connected with your present experience
  • reduce self-judgment
  • regulate your emotions
  • learn how to love yourself so that you can lead your most authentic life
Cost is approximately $250 for (8) 2-hour sessions.

If you would like to get information on Harper’s next series of Mindful Self-Compassion classes, please submit our contact form.

To learn more about Mindful Self-Compassion, visit the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion website.