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What Defines Self-Acceptance and Emotional Health?

What constitutes an emotionally healthy and mature, fully functioning, psychologically sound human being? I achieved self-acceptance, or self-actualization or enlightenment through self-compassion concepts and practices and discovered that healthy shame tolerance leads to healthy self-acceptance. Learn the traits of self-acceptance: equanimity, compassion, decreased approval seeking, acceptance of imperfection, wisdom, intuition, true empathy, accountability, flexible social hierarcy skills, healthy humility and pride, integrity, values, character, resilience, self-discipline, hard work, frustration tolerance, persistence, likeability, open-mindedness and curiousity, and prosocial behaviors.

Psyche Article Spreads Misinformation on Depression

Well, the pro-drug forces are at it yet again. The website just published an extremely biased and misleading article raving about the supposed...