A large study has confirmed that parents who are warm and non-controlling raise children who are happier and have better emotional well-being.

The study confirmed what is called “attachment theory”, a very well-researched concept that has proven that warm, responsive, attuned parenting is ideal for forming bonds with children.

The study certainly confirms good, old common sense. Yet, sadly, too many parents still believe they must be harsh and controlling, not realizing the long-lasting negative effect this has on children. Some of these negative effects even last a lifetime.

A good rule I like to use is for parents to focus less on behaviors and more on a child’s emotions. In other words, cut back on worrying if a child is behaving appropriately and observe and tune into the child’s underlying emotions. Ask yourself: “Why is my child behaving this way?” This will likely lead to a more compassionate parenting style, which is warmer and less controlling.



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