Learn what dogs can teach us about human behavior.

Unleash your primal powers to gain confidence, claim respect, improve leadership skills, and strengthen relationships — with people!

Transform yourself into a confident, assertive pack leader of people.

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Pack Leader Psychology

A Nonfiction Self-Help Book by Harper West ©2012

Pack Leader Psychology is a non-fiction self-help book that applies the simple, but powerful, concepts of a popular dog-training method to human psychology. You’ll discover how to gain self-acceptance, stop self-blaming, discover your authentic self, strengthen your personality, and have more-fulfilling relationships. Based on the indisputable primal behaviors of fight-or-flight and key ideas from social psychology, you’ll learn how to spot people who want to take advantage of you, how to attract emotionally healthy people into your life, how to raise children with strong self-worth, and how to unleash yourself from unhealthy emotional responses.

  • Would you like to learn how to avoid being taken advantage of by other people?
  • Or would you like to be less of an aggressive bully?
  • Do you wonder why you are so fearful, anxious, depressed, obsessive or phobic?
  • Or are you emotionless, afraid to admit that you are uncertain or insecure?
  • Do you feel you are on “high alert”, nervous, sleepless and distracted?
  • Are you overly sensitive to criticism and the opinions of others?
  • Do you “lash in” at yourself in self-blame?
  • Do you feel you can’t control when you “lash out” at others in anger?
  • Are you a “people-pleaser,” eager to accommodate to the needs of others?
  • Or do you steamroll over others, dominating and controlling them?
  • Are you eager to be liked, yet afraid to open up to others?
  • Are you quick to anger, paranoid and defensive?
  • Are you shy, struggling to fit in with others?
  • Or are you a “drama queen,” constantly acting out to gain attention?

All these common behaviors can be explained with simple, yet powerful concepts about human psychology that I discovered, believe it or not, while I was training my dog, Reilly.

In learning to be an assertive pack leader to Reilly, I uncovered Pack Leader Psychology, a common-sense explanation of human behavior that you can immediately apply to all aspects of your life.

In my new book, “Pack Leader Psychology,” you will be able to take control of your life as you:

  • learn how to be a calm, assertive leader to your human pack
  • spot those who want to take advantage of you
  • pick an appropriate life partner
  • have better relationships
  • perform better on the job and
  • raise emotionally healthy children — the next generation of pack leaders!

Using common-sense, primal behaviors of fight, flight, avoidance, submission and dominance, I simplify the confusing jargon of the psychology field and self-help books into just a few key categories and concepts.

I explain:

  • why some people become aggressive, controlling Dominators,
  • why some people are pleasing, accommodating Submissive personality types, and others are withdrawing Avoiders
  • why some people unwittingly attract certain personality types into their lives
  • why so many relationships today are unhealthy and controlling
  • why self-blame and low self-worth are the causes of unbalanced behaviors
  • what leads people to “lash out” or “lash in”

Most important, once you understand these very intuitive concepts, your outlook and behaviors will quickly and effortlessly change, making you the most self-assured and confident person you can be:  a pack leader.

Because my explanations are rooted in elemental concepts that will resonate with readers, the content forms an easily understood model for human behavior. I firmly believe that Pack Leader Psychology is game changing for the psychology field, allowing people to become more emotionally healthy themselves, but also identify and predict the behaviors of others.

“Pack Leader Psychology” offers deeper explanations for behavior than other self-help books, yet is simple and easy to understand. Learn more about what the animal world can teach us about human behavior in “Pack Leader Psychology” by reading excerpts from the book.

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