I’m very excited to begin this new adventure that has been about six years in the making. I have written a non-fiction self-help book called “Pack Leader Psychology,” and this blog is the first step in introducing the ideas in that book to the public. A full website will follow soon and the book is now available as an e-book on Amazon (Kindle fans!). Print and e-versions on B&N and other sites will be due shortly.

So what is the book about?  Tough to shorten 230 pages down into a few paragraphs, but here goes:

“Pack Leader Psychology” recounts the lessons I learned while becoming a pack leader to my dog, Reilly, that helped transform me from a submissive, abused wife into a calm, confident, independent and assertive human pack leader.

As odd as it sounds, I discovered eye-opening parallels between Cesar Millan’s “Dog Whisperer” dog training concepts and human behavior. I saw that just as dogs develop anxieties and misbehaviors when they lack pack leaders, so do humans. Just as dogs, when threatened and fearful, react with fight-or-flight and dominance and submission in the pack hierarchy, so do humans. Because the explanations are rooted in elemental concepts that will resonate with readers, the content forms an easily understood model for human relationships.

The exciting thing is that these concepts offer simple, yet powerful explanations about human behavior that readers can immediately apply to all relationships in their lives. Just as I did, you can effortlessly transform yourself into a calm, assertive pack leader of people!

Readers will learn to unleash primal powers, strengthen relationships, improve leadership skills, claim respect and discover their authentic self. The book helps readers intuitively understand why they behave as they do, become more emotionally healthy, and identify and predict the behaviors of others.

The book started many years ago as a memoir, so it contains many personal stories from my experiences in life and dog training. Each chapter starts with a lesson from Reilly and of elemental wisdom of animals. I then weave in stories from my life with the latest research on human social and evolutionary psychology. Pack Leader Psychology offers deeper explanations for human behavior than other self-help books, but is easy to understand and a quick read.

You’ll learn:

– what is a pack leader

– how to spot a non-pack leader

– where have all the pack leaders gone

– and 7 habits of pack leaders

In addition, the book simplifies the hundreds of psychological “disorders” into just a few key categories and concepts. Readers will learn:

– why some people become aggressive Dominators and others are Submissive accommodators

– why we unwittingly attract certain types of people into our lives

– why so many people have unhealthy relationships

– why self-blame and low self-worth lead us to “lash out” with fight responses or “lash in” with flight responses

This blog will be my way of commenting on how the concepts in Pack Leader Psychology play out in real behaviors that I see around me every day, not just in personal experiences, but on reality TV shows, current events, and in the behavior of celebrities and politicians. I see proof of my theory in human behavior all around me, so I’ll be sharing some of my observations and insights. I’ll also be excerpting key sections of the book, as well as commenting on other books, articles and blogs that relate to the topic of psychology.

I hope you’ll be joining me on this journey! So like me on Facebook, link to me on Linkedin, follow my new Facebook page and sign up for my newsletter! I’d appreciate any social media support and networking. I’d like to get  my book out there so that my experiences might help others.

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