Book Cover of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

I am thrilled to share that the reviews are starting to come in for the new book that I contributed to, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.” Check out the links to these articles on my web page about the book.

If you have ever been in relationship with a narcissist, you may recognize the very clear and extreme signs of malignant narcissism in Trump’s behavior. I call these behaviors Other-Blaming, because the pattern is that these people feel very insecure and inadequate, which makes them highly sensitive to experiences of low self-worth or shame. They manage shame by off-loading it to others by blame shifting and lack of accountability.

The frightening part about this behavior in Trump and other authoritarian leaders is that when challenged or questioned in any way, they may become enraged, impulsive and reactive. With investigations about Russia closing in, a failure to pass any significant legislation, and criticism for his support of white supremacists (among many other criticisms) hanging over Trump’s head, a crisis such as a North Korean missile may set him off in ways that result in global destruction.

The issue of our president’s emotional and cognitive functioning has never been more important a topic to discuss and I hope this book helps facilitate that discussion.


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