Donald Trump, Not Normal?

I am thrilled to announce that I was asked to write a chapter for a book titled The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President. The book explores the ethical issues of whether mental health professionals have a “duty to warn” about dangerous emotional instability in a leader and specific issues surrounding Donald Trump’s emotional and behavioral issues.
I am in very esteemed company, as the book includes many eminent psychiatrists, psychologists, and authors, including:

  • Noam Chomsky, famed linguist and philosopher,
  • Robert Jay Lifton, Harvard psychiatrist and expert on sociopaths and brainwashing,
  • Gail Sheehy, author of Passages, named one of the ten most influential books of our times by the Library of Congress, and more recently many biographies of political leaders,
  • Philip Zimbardo, famed for the Stanford prison experiment you may have read about in Psych 101,
  • Tony Schwartz, ghostwriter of Trump: The Art of the Deal,
  • Dee Moscbacher, Oscar-nominated feminist filmmaker,
  • and Bandy Lee and John Gartner, leaders of the Duty to Warn group of mental heath professionals which organized this book project and a recent conference on the topic at Yale University.

Sample chapter titles include:

  • Pathological Narcissism and Politics: A Lethal Mix, by Craig Malkin
  • Tyranny as a Triumph of Narcissism, by Elizabeth Mika
  • Donald Trump is: A) Bad; B) Mad; C) All of the Above, by John Gartner
  • On Seeing What You See and Saying What You Know: A Psychiatrist’s Responsibility, by Henry Friedman
  • The Issue is Dangerousness, Not Mental Illness, by James Gilligan

My chapter is titled: In Relationship with an Abusive President, and draws parallels between the behaviors of Trump and an abusive partner.
Stay tuned here for updates on how to pre-order and purchase the book, which is officially due out Oct. 3, 2017, but should be available for pre-order as soon as next week. Due to expected high demand, I’d recommend pre-ordering. The publisher is the Thomas Dunne division of Macmillan.
No matter what your political leanings, this is an important topic, because, as I discuss in Self-Acceptance Psychology, what I call “Other-Blamers” cause great harm to relationships of all kinds, whether it is a marriage or between a president and a country.

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