Toledo Blade Article on Yawning

Sharing an article that quoted me on the psychological implications of yawning, of all things! We yawn for many reasons, not all of them known, but many people don't know that it can be in response to the anxiety of others and as a signal to try to get them to feel...

7 Ways Parents Create Childhood Emotional Neglect

I often recommend Dr. Jonice Webb’s books and blogs, because she writes about the important topic of Childhood Emotional Neglect and its impact on emotional development. I thought I’d highlight and expand on the subject of a recent video blog she posted on “4 Subtle...

How Narcissistic Siblings are Created and How they Harm Their Siblings

How the interactions within a family, especially between siblings, can create or exacerbate shame intolerance patterns. How parents discipline or fail to discipline children and how they protect or fail to protect abused siblings impacts all of the children in the family and may lead children to develop shame intolerance patterns that can affect them throughout their lives.

“Why Am I So Indecisive?”

Some life decisions are life changing — think: getting married, having children, choosing a career, buying a house, etc. They should, rightfully, cause us to pause and consider deeply before jumping in. But some people are so indecisive they don’t just pause, they can...


Facts dispelling the myths about mental health. Anti-psychiatry, anti-DSM, anti-medical model of mental health. How DSM diagnostic labels harm rather than help. How psychiatry promotes ineffective and harmful psychiatric medicines over psychotherapy. How antidepressants, antipsychotics and ADHD meds work and harm the brain. How to talk to your doctor about psychiatric medications and get informed consent.