“Why Am I So Indecisive?”

Some life decisions are life changing — think: getting married, having children, choosing a career, buying a house, etc. They should, rightfully, cause us to pause and consider deeply before jumping in. But some people are so indecisive they don’t just pause, they can...


Facts dispelling the myths about mental health. Anti-psychiatry, anti-DSM, anti-medical model of mental health. How DSM diagnostic labels harm rather than help. How psychiatry promotes ineffective and harmful psychiatric medicines over psychotherapy. How antidepressants, antipsychotics and ADHD meds work and harm the brain. How to talk to your doctor about psychiatric medications and get informed consent.

What Defines Self-Acceptance and Emotional Health?

What constitutes an emotionally healthy and mature, fully functioning, psychologically sound human being? I achieved self-acceptance, or self-actualization or enlightenment through self-compassion concepts and practices and discovered that healthy shame tolerance leads to healthy self-acceptance. Learn the traits of self-acceptance: equanimity, compassion, decreased approval seeking, acceptance of imperfection, wisdom, intuition, true empathy, accountability, flexible social hierarcy skills, healthy humility and pride, integrity, values, character, resilience, self-discipline, hard work, frustration tolerance, persistence, likeability, open-mindedness and curiousity, and prosocial behaviors.

Stress & Heart Disease

Chronic psychological stress, recent studies indicate, may be as important — and possibly more important — to the health of your heart than the traditional cardiac risk factors. In fact, in people with less-than-healthy hearts, mental stress trumps physical stress as a potential precipitant of fatal and nonfatal heart attacks and other cardiovascular events, according to the latest report.