Help new parents be better parents by giving them the book “The Science of Parenting,” by Margot Sunderland (DK Publishing, 2006, $16.95 paperback).  The title may be off-putting, but this book is beautifully designed, and is easy to read and understand.

Loaded with useful information and tips, it is based on the latest neuroscience on how parents can help raise happy, emotionally balanced children.

The book is based on the simple idea that parents are the key source for teaching children how to feel safe, especially in relationships — what in psychology we call “attachment.”  A securely attached child feels confident, relaxed, happy and is often more socially and intellectually intelligent. Insecurely attached children become anxious, depressed, angry, have difficulty learning, and often misbehave.

It gives solid evidence for exactly how to parent, including tips on handling tantrums, the co-sleeping debate, and when to use timeout (rarely!).

I very strongly recommend this book for any new parent or parents of toddlers or young children. I teach these ideas to parents in family therapy every day.

The Science of Parenting Book Cover

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