About Harper West

Harper West, MA, LLP, is a licensed psychotherapist at Great Lakes Psychology Group in Clarkston, Michigan.

Harper is an expert on self-acceptance and self-compassion

Harper West, Psychotherapist and Author“By teaching myself mindful self-acceptance, I fundamentally changed from being hamstrung by self-doubt and self-criticism to truly being calm and self-assured. In relationships with others I am no longer submissive and conflict-avoiding by default in an effort to gain their approval. I use prompt, forthright, assertive communication to set healthy boundaries. However, I am proudest of the new relationship I have with myself. I can respond with kindness and compassion when I am feeling emotionally distressed. I can be my own secure attachment figure, without having an unhealthy dependence on others for my emotional needs.”

Based on her personal and clinical experiences, Harper developed Self-Acceptance Psychology.

As a psychotherapist, she works with individuals, families and couples, specializing in helping individuals improve compassionate self-acceptance, strengthen self-worth, manage fear and shame, and develop mindfulness.

For families, she specializes in correcting child and teen behavioral problems by focusing on creating a stronger emotional bond between parent and child (Attachment-Focused Family Therapy) and improving parental emotional attunement.

Education & Training

Harper graduated from Michigan State University and earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology following a career in corporate marketing communications.

Harper has completed an externship in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFCT) and additional advanced training in EFCT.

Harper has also completed advanced training in Mindful Self-Compassion.


Harper is also author of the award-winning book Pack Leader Psychology, which combines simple ideas from the animal world, such as the “fight-or-flight” response, with the latest in social psychology and neuroscience to explain human behavior and relationships.


She is a speaker and trainer on topics such as self-acceptance, mindfulness, anxiety, depression, ADHD, relationships, domestic violence and parenting.

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